Ideas For A Garden Summer Wedding

Cheap Outdoor Wedding

Nowadays, many couples are looking for ways to save money for their wedding receptions without compromising the quality and to make them memorable among the guests. In recent years, more and more couples tend to choose unconventional places to hold their wedding but the problem is, such venues need a lot of planning, preparation and time.

If you own a garden then there is no need to worry about the venue. It is the best way to have a quiet and private romantic wedding. Such place is ideal for summer wedding. The recitation of vows amid the natural beauty of trees and vibrant flowers add a unique charm to the event. However, if you don’t have any garden a backyard will do. You can even ask your family or relatives to lend you a space of their garden for your special occasion. Such way, you don’t need to rent a space for the said event.

If planning to hold a wedding in your own garden it would be great to start planting flowering plants and other decorative and ornamental plants. Such way, when the wedding date comes it is fully grown and ready to bloom flowers. There are hundreds of website that is dedicated for gardening, you can get some ideas there and use it in your garden. You don’t need to buy plants for your garden, you may ask from your neighbors or friends to give you some seedlings. In fact there are some plants that don’t require seeds; you just need to plants a mature branch straight to the soil. Check your local garden centre to know the plants and flowers that should be planted to get the best display on the big day.

Supplement your garden’s natural beauty. You can use rustic tin or old watering can as plant container. You can also add pots and jars to give that special effect. However, you should keep in your mind that there is no guarantee that you will achieve the looks that you are dreaming of. This is why it is important expect less and effort more. Gardening requires hard work and patience. In fact, even the best gardener can’t predict the outcome of the project. You can also build a wooden gazebo that can be use during the wedding.

To add light to your venue, you don’t need to spend expensive bulbs. A storm lantern can be use or round paper lanterns. Since it is summer, these lanterns are perfect for the venue. You can also add fairy light in the tree. You can go for citronella candles to stop attracting insect variety.

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